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Homemade vegetable soup

Homemade vegetable soup

In this page you can find following information about homemade vegetable soup

1. Homemade vegetable soup recipe.
2. List of different vegetables, which are suitable for vegetable soups.
3. Also I will give you some ideas for spice you can add to your beautiful homemade soup.

If you are wondering how to make vegetable soup I will tell you that soup from vegetables is really easy to make, and simultaneously it can be a very good snack or meal.
When you back home from job, shopping or just from a walk what could be better than smell of homemade vegetable soup?
There is a really big choice of vegetables that you can use in your soup, and which are good and suitable for soup making.
You can decide to use only one type of vegetables in your meal or to use different kind of them to make your soup more colorful.
Here I am going to show you a list of vegetables as well as some other ingredients that are good to go with them.
picture of vegetables

-    Coriander and Carrot – Coriander is most used in Indian recipes. Its flavor goes very well with carrots.
-    Parsnips – you can make very nice creamy soup with them. If you want to customize your creamy soup you can add a different flavor by adding a little bit of turmeric which also will bring a color to the soup. That way it will be more tasty and colorful. A lot of people like combination with nutmeg, so you can try it too.  But start with a very small amount in case you do not like the taste.
-    Celery – it has a nice and fresh taste and also goes well with different vegetables. You also may like to add shallots to the recipe. In case that you prefer thicker creamy soup you should add a few potatoes diced before you start cooking this.
-    Potatoes – They are also often used in soup making, but most people usually combine them with other ingredients like leeks for example, because in that way the finished meal will be more flavorful.
-    Tomato – you can also add tomatoes to your vegetable soup recipe. You can choose tinned tomatoes if you want. In case that tomatoes are not enough sweet, you may add just a little sugar.
-    Sweet potatoes add very good taste to the soup. You might also use them with other vegetables.
-    Cabbage – lots of people use cabbage to make soup. If you like it you can try it.

Some other vegetables that you can use too:

-    Peas
-    Beans – If you want to add beans you have to soak and cook them enough time, as it is shown in the instructions on the packet. If you prefer quick vegetable soup a good idea is using of tinned beans, because they do not need as much cooking as dried.
Basic vegetable soup recipe.
-    All vegetables you decide to use have to be peeled, chopped and ready to cook.
-    You might cut them small because that way they will be cooked faster.
-    In the next step you should saute the vegetable by using olive oil before adding them to the saucepan.       One other way is to put them (vegetables) in water for a while and then you can add the stock.

Now you might leave your soup to cook in the saucepan.
When the vegetables are well softened, allow your beautiful tasty soup to cool.
When the soup is cold you need to blend it to a smooth cream soup.
Now we are ready with the cooking and if you want you can heat the soup before serving.
If you will eat it later store the soup in a fridge.
You can add seasoning to your homemade vegetable soup for better taste. But because of the variety of tastes, salt should be added by the person who eat the soup, but remember less salt is better for your health.


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